Dear patients,

I have been working as a general practitioner and sports medicine specialist in Göttingen for 25 years
and I speak German, English and French and some Spanish and Italian.

Born in Göttingen and working in my own private practice I know very well the medical facilities of
Göttingen and Germany. I appreciate very much the contact to the people of the whole world.

I have an intensive contact to well known medical doctors and hospitals in Germany and offer you this
knowledge for your personal medical problems by organising for you the treatment and supervising the
diagnostic procedures and treatments by these doctors and hospitals.

I offer you the medical knowledge to analyse your medical reports and to advise you on necessary
medical procedures and treatments. I or a member of my team are going to accompany your medical
appointments, which we are glad to arrange for you.

The famous university town of Göttingen is located in the middle of Germany and you can reach it by
Intercity Express-train (ICE) from Frankfurt/Main, from where it takes 90 minutes and from Hanover, from
where you get to Göttingen in about 30 minutes. Also the other cooperating doctors and hospitals can be
reached easily by plane, train or shuttle service. We organize your transfer from the airport, book a room
in a hotel for you and arrange appointments with the medical experts you need to consult.

I look forward to welcoming you in Germany as my guest. Our range of benefits you will find on the list
[Benefits and prices Medical VIP Service]

Yours sincerely,

Mathias Lindstedt
Director of Medical VIP Service

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